1. 7th Symposium of the Programa Mexicana de Carbon, Pachuca, May 18-20 2016:  presentation: Skutsch, M.,  Paneque-Gálvez,  J,  Ghilardi A.,  Morfin-Rios, J., Michel-Fuentes, J.M., and Carrillo, O. 2016  Re-thinking REDD+ for the Mexican sink.

  2.  CoP 21, Paris, December 2015:

    1. Side event: "Safeguarding REDD+ and related land use through effective participation and monitoring" 
    2. Side event and video presentation "Opportunities for tropical dry forest in REDD+" 
    3. Debate: Will equity sink REDD+? ¨Equity in REDD+ and governance¨  Global Landscape Forum
    4. Discussion; "The potential of dry tropical forest in REDD                                                                          
  3. 6th International Symposium on carbon in Mexico, Programa Mexicana de Carbono, Villahermosa, 20-22 May, 2015: presentations:

    1. Skutsch,2015 ¨Potencial de REDD+ en los bosques secos tropicales (SBC) de México.
    2. Salinas Melgoza, M.A., Skutsch, M., Lovett, J.C, and Morales, L Efecto de la pendient y la elevanción en la biomasa forestal, su aplicaion para realizar estimaciones en el paisaje¨
    3. Salinas Melgoza, M.A., Skutsch, M., Lovett, J.C,  La rosa tumba quema en el context de REDD+. 
    4. Borrego, A., Salinas-Melgoza, M.A. and Skutsch, M.M. ¨El valor de la emisiones de carbono asociadas a la roza tumba y quema¨
    5.  Morales-Barquero L., Borrego, A. Skutsch, M., Kleinn, C., Healey, J.  ¨Identification and quantification of drivers of forest degradation in tropical dry forests: a case study in Western Mexico¨.
  4. The Forest Dialogue (organized by Yale University and IUCN), Chetumal, 2-5 Junio 2014 Presentation:  Skutsch, M, and Balderas Torres, A.  “Challenges for pro-poor benefit sharing schemes in the implementation of REDD+ in Mexico”.  

  5. IUFRO XXIV World Congress, Salt Lake City, 5 -11 October 2014.  Presentation:   Skutsch, M, Borrego, A., Morales-Barquero, L., Paneque-Galvez, J., Salinas-Melgoza, M., Ramirez, I., Perez-Salicrup, D., Benet, D., Monroy, S. y Gao, Y.  “Opportunities, constraints and perceptions of rural communities regarding their potential to contribute to forest landscape transitions under REDD+: Case studies from Mexico”. Technical session: ¨Smallholders and forest landscape transitions

  6. CoP20, Lima, Perú.  December 2014.  Side Event ¨REDD+ monitoring needs to support the distribution of benefits¨.¨Presentations:

    1. Skutsch, M. “Problems of interregional equity in benefit distribution under REDD+”  Side Event ¨REDD+ monitoring needs to support the distribution of benefits¨
    2. McCall, Michael K. (2014) ¨Community Participation in REDD+. Issues in Information Gathering: MRV or MMM?¨
  7. South/South Training in Community-Based MRV Systems. Guyana, August 2014. Alejandra Larrazábal and Michael K. McCall. ¨Measuring Biomass Carbon using CyberTracker¨.

  8. Taller de Monitoreo Comunitario (Workshop on Community Monitoring), GIZ Programa Protección del Bosque y Clima/REDD+. Bogotá, Sept. 2015.  Michael McCall  ¨Participación e inclusión de intereses comunitarios en el mapeo, medición y monitoreo de procesos (MMM) en MRV para REDD+¨.

  9. Presentation at the Symposium “Manejo de sistemas socio-ecologicas”, IV Congress de la Sociedad Mexicana Ecologica, Villahermosa, 18 March 2013.

  10. Social justice and perceived justice in benefit distribution systems under REDD+
  11. Presentation at Side Event al CoP18, Qatar: December 3, 2012
    We presented material on our projects at a side event entitled ¨REDD+ and poverty alleviation; what is working and what is possible?¨ that we are organizing jointly with ICIMOD, the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Research.
  12. Participation in Forest Day 6. December 2, 2012.
    At Forest Day, which is organized annually by CIFOR during the CoP meetings, we will be manning a stall at which our publications will be available, and taking part in the Market Place, a speakers´ forum in which different members of the CIGA-REDD+ will present their findings.
  13. Workshop for the World Bank´s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF). September 12-14, 2011.
    This workshop was entitled "Linking community monitoring with national MRV for REDD+" and brought together over 65 participants from 15 countries in Africa, AsiaandLatin America between 12 and 14 September in Mexico City. The purpose was to share experiences and work towards a consensus about how community level monitoring can strengthen and support national REDD+ programmes.
  14. Workshop on charcoal:Arusha, Tanzanía, June 2011.
    Was organized at the bi-annual conference of the International Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, in Arusha, Tanzania, in June 2011.
  15. Taller Regional: Producción Sustentable de Carbón Vegetal: Aspectos Técnicos y legales.